Armor in Atlas Fallen features equipable pieces or sets that are intended to add additional bonuses to stats and add increase a player's defense. This is especially helpful to minimize damage intake from heavy-handed enemies in the game and prolong combat and prevent receiving fatal blows. Players are free to create their own Builds with the sets of Armor and Weapons available in the game to find the right balance of offensive and defensive equipment.

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Armor Sets in Atlas Fallen

From the first gameplay impressions, Armor Sets have been found in the game and modified through the Armor Menu. Your armor will affect and can improve the player's main stats. Each Armor set will have a different level and will have its own stats that measure Recovery, Offense, Defense, Fortune, and Shatter. Players may then have the opportunity to gain an Additional Stat Bonus and unlock a Unique Armor Trait. 

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Armor Customization

With the required items, players can also further customize their Armor from the Armor Menu. Players can use dyes on different Fabrics and Plates to modify the look of their armor and even equip additional Cosmetic Items. 

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Armor in Atlas Fallen



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