Character Creation in Atlas Fallen allows players to fully create and customize their characters. When creating a character, you will be presented with a multitude of options for customization options as they've stated you can fully customize your character for this game. As of this writing, there's not much information released regarding character creation, but they've confirmed that you can fully customize and create your own character for the story.

Atlas Fallen: Everything We Know So Far



Atlas Fallen Character Information

Atlas Fallen centers around the player as the protagonist, it allows players to customize their personal vision of who hero of the game should be. After the fall of man due to the failure of the gods, mankind is in need of liberation. Since coming across the Gauntlet, your character has a unique set of skills that give them a chance against the powerful Sun God. Players are given free rein as to what this character in the game could look like. 


Character Creation in Atlas Fallen

Customization Menu Options

Character Customization allows players to choose from a general visual time or start with a randomized set of features. There are also a couple of voice options players can choose from. Character Creation and customization in Atlas Fallen are comprised of 7 menu options which include General, Hair, Skintone, Face Shape, Eye Shape, Facial Features, and Outfit Color. Each customizable section has a few additional options. Below are all available Character Customization menu options and which features can be modified. This also lists how many varieties are available per customization option.



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  • Visual Type
  • Randomize
  • Voice


  • Hairstyle x11 per type
  • Beard x6
  • Hair Color x16


  • Skin Color 

Face Shape

  • Information to be added


Eye Shape

  • Eye Shape x8
  • Eye Color x16
  • Eyebrow Shape x4

Facial Features

  • Information to be added

Outfit Color

  • Information to be added





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