Combat in Atlas Fallen focuses on the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game. From what we've gathered so far, it looks like you would be able to wield three different types of weapons formed from sand that you can switch between during combat. Each of these weapons has its different uses and is designed to be constantly rotated during combat. This page will cover information on both basic and advanced tips regarding the combat system as well as different moves that can be executed in Atlas Fallen.

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Atlas Fallen Combat

About Atlas Fallen Combat

Atlas Fallen Combat Styles

The studio responsible for creating Atlas Fallen is well-known for creating and producing Souls-like combat in alternative styles such as Surge, the sci-fi souls-like Action RPG, but Atlas Fallen follows a combat style closer to Darksiders, a hack and slash Action Adventure RPG. 


Weapon Rotation in Atlas Fallen

There are three weapon types in Atlas Fallen that can be rotated throughout combat, you can only equip two of them at the same time, this was designed to let you choose the best melee weapon that fits your playstyle depending on the situation. Your three main Weapons are the Dunecleaver, Sandwhip and the Knuckledust.

The Sandwhip, which is a weapon specialized for quick attacks, it can also grapple onto monsters and crystallize enemies to lock them in place. The sword whip can also transform into a dagger.

dagger weapon screens atlas fallen wiki guide 300pxsword whip weapon screens atlas fallen wiki guide 300px

The second weapon, the Dunecleaver, is a massive hammer which is specialized for crowd control, it is slow and heavy but deals high damage and perfect for AoE attacks. The shattering strike is also used for this weapon to deal massive damage to crystallized enemies.

hammer weapon screens atlas fallen wiki guide 300px

The last weapon, Knuckledust, is a giant fist, this is a quick-hitting weapon that deals decent enough damage to enemies, but isn't really effective when facing a group of enemies, as it is designed specifically for one-on-one encounters, the weapon is ideally used when facing a boss.


Cooperative Gameplay

Players will be able to experience the adventure together in a seamless drop-in drop-out coop. As far as coop is related with combat, this opens the possibility of synergistic build, for example freeing Essence Stone slots from damage related abilities to more utility support kind. Trick Stones, Survivability Stones, Momentum Stones and Survivability Stones therefore gain more value due to the situation of stone slots having less need of making a purely damage concerned build. In Coop Combat, enemies will get an increased buff in order to balanced an increased player count.

Gauntlet-Based Combat Atlas Fallen

Most combat and attack actions will be based on what you have equipped and your Gauntlet. The Gauntlet will be the character's main source of power and equipment and will allow players to rotate the use of three different types of main equipment. Your gameplay will be focused on collecting Materials and upgrading your Gaunlet with Essence Stones in order to customize your Build.

The Gauntlet is the main power source and acts as the catalyst of your offensive capabilities as well in exploring the world of Atlas. The Gauntlet allows you to manipulate the sand around you, giving you the ability to form dense weapons made of sand to strike down enemies, as well as form bridges to move across different areas of the game. By destroying statues and collecting shards around the world, you strengthen your Gauntlet giving you the chance to upgrade your weapons. As you progress through the game, you will discover new abilities to help you in your future encounters.

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Risk & Reward Combat

Atlas Fallen challenges players to play aggressively to allow their weapons and stats to evolve as you progress through each combat interaction. This will force players to also make adjustments to their approach mid-fight. This is mainly due to the Momentum stat which grants fills up with every successive hit, and can eventually strengthen your weapon, but will also make your character more vulnerable as your momentum increases, forcing players to find their right balance and actively adjust their combat approach as each combat interaction progresses. 


Learning About Combat

Atlas Fallen walks you through the main combat abilities and reactions as you begin the game and progress through the Quest: Honing Your Skills. Players will be able to experiment with different attacks on the Wraiths in the area and will be tasked to perform 3 parries to practice the skill. 


Vertical Combat

Upon first impressions, players will notice how Action-packed the combat and movements are in Atlas Fallen, but a notable feature is the vertical movement during combat engagements. From the initial gameplay reveal, developers had showcased the quick pacing and agility throughout the game, from combat to traversal. Players will be able to perform aerial attack combinations in the air without landing on the ground as a form of launch attacks and descending slam attacks. The hook is widely used for this part of combat.


Atlas Fallen Stats

Foe's Level

When a foe's level is above your current Power level, the number showing its level is in red, indicating the fight will be harder. 


Equipment in Atlas Fallen

Aside from the main Gauntlet and the base Weapons, players can equip different Armor and Upgrade Essence Stones to strengthen their character and gain passive and active abilities to use against foes. Armor can also be upgraded and players can gain Unique Armor Traits that are unlocked with the final Armor Upgrade.


Armor Upgrading

Upgrading Armor is done using Essence Dust.  Upgrade your Armor and equipment to increase your stats. You will be able to view the effects of each upgrade and how it compares to your Current Stats in your Armor Upgrades Menu. This also earns you additional Perk Tokens for earning Perks.

Main Stats in Atlas Fallen

Aside from your main character level, players will be able to measure their stats which will change according to your equipment. Create Builds based on your playstyle and stat priorities. additional Stat Bonuses can be earned with the collection of the required Essence Stones. 

  • Recovery - Increases the restoration rate and the healing effectiveness of your idol.
  • Offense - Increases the damage you deal with all types of attacks and Essence Stones.
  • Defense - Reduce the damage you receive
  • Fortune - Increase the chance of Essence Stone effect and receiving loot drops
  • Shatter - Provide a further damage increase to your Shatter Attacks.


Weapon Stats in Atlas Fallen

Your main Weapons in the game are also measured by four main stats to help you design which weapon you wish you assign as your Main Weapon and Secondary Weapon. 

  • Attack Speed
  • Impact
  • Momentum Gain
  • Range


Combat Mechanics Atlas Fallen

Difficulty Settings in Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen provides 3 different difficulty Settings to choose from. Players will be able to adjust how difficult combat interactions are. When in coop, players can choose to opt for different difficulties without restarting the session.

  • Unnamed's Story (Easy): Battles are less demanding and you'll be able to focus on the story of the world and its characters. 
  • Gauntlet Bearer (Normal): Offers a balanced combat experience that required you to adapt your play style to its encounters.
  • Thelos' Scourge (Hard): The most challenging experience, in which you have to face the toughest foes. You will need to use all game systems to your best advantage to overcome this challenge. 


Default Attack Actions

These attack actions are dependent on the equipped Weapons and the type of weapon that is assigned to the attack. As you engage in combat, you will have a regular Primary attack, a Secondary Attack, and an Alternate Secondary Attack which is dealt by pressing and holding the Secondary Attack button. 


Hammer Attacks in Atlas Fallen

 Hits with the Dunecleaver's Hammer form cuase a high amount of Impact damage to your foes, interrupting their attacks. This provides some form of dynamism with Atlas Fallen's fast paced combat which gives the options for the player to weight options with weapon usage for something like the Dunecleaver that provides not as fast damage but gives an interrupt.


Double-Wielding Weapons

Since your main Weapons and equipment are formed from your main equipment piece, the Gauntlet, players will be able to equip one type of weapon for each hand, binding it to different action buttons. This will allow you to utilize two different types of weapons and create different Attack Combos. 


Enemy Weakpoints

Each larger Foe has enemy weakpoints and vulnerabilities that can be strategized against once encountered. Some enemies will display a diagram of their weak points on the upper left corner of the screen.  



You can spend all of your Momentum to perform a powerful Shatter attack with the specified buttons, dealing a high amount of damage and leaving your foes crystallised. Shattering is avaialable after Ascending. The Shatter grows more powerful the higher your Momentum. The attack changes if you Ascend again. The more Momentum spent, the higher the damage dealt to enemies


Body Parts

Larger foes you encounter have multiple body parts for you to target and destroy. The overview and health of a foe's body parts can be see in the top left of your screen. This mechanic is primarily existing in larger enemies. This is directly tied to the enrage mechanic that makes the creature more dangerous however the developers have confirmed breaking parts can lead to better loot.

body parts drainer atlas fallen wiki guide

Atlas Fallen Combat Maneuvers 

Aside from basic Primary and Secondary attacks, players will be able to perform a number of Aerial maneuvers and attack combinations. Some basic movements include Dodging, Rolling, Perfect blocks, Parrying


Momentum in Atlas Fallen

The momentum bar is a unique feature in Atlas Fallen and it is also the main stat in the game. The Momentum bar is the blue bar located on the lower left corner of the game. It is divided up into 3 segments. The momentum bar fills up with each successive attack, once the bar has reached a certain section, more moves will be unlocked and your equipped Weapon evolves, also granting the ability to use any equipped Essence stones once the tiers are unlocked. The momentum bar works as a passive feature in combat to give you creative ways in dealing damage and be rewarded for playing aggressively and reacting to certain changes while engaging an opponent. You will also become vulnerable the higher the momentum bar fills up, this will force you to strategize and balance to maximize the damage dealt to enemies while minimizing the damage taken.


Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen

Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen are equippable passive or Active abilities that can be activated as you fill your Momentum Bar. These abilities can also be upgraded from the Essence Stone menu, given that you have the required Materials for he upgrade. 


Sandskin And Parries for Atlas Fallen

Using the specified button, activate Sandskin and parry incoming attacks. A red flash appears before attacks, indicating the ideal timing to use Sandskin. A successful parry resets the cooldown of the Sandskin, making it immediately usable again. Can be used even if you are in the middle of performing an attack. However, you can't use the Sandskin when evading. Using Sandskin to parry larger foes doesn't instantly crystallise them. Instead, they are crystallised partially and need to be parried multiple times.

 sandskin stat atlas fallen wiki guide


Momentum Drainers

Attacks shown with a blue flash drain in your Momentum. These attacks cannot be blocked by your Sandskin. 

momentum drainer atlas fallen wiki guide



When you destroy one of your foe's body parts, it becomes enraged. An enraged foe deals more damage, moves and attack faster, and can perform special abilities. Although enraged foes are dangerous. It also presents an oppurtunity as they are more vulnerable to your attacks. The enrage state is temporrary and indicated by an icon.

enrage 2 atlas fallen wiki guide



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