Combat in Atlas Fallen focuses on the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game. From what we've gathered so far, it looks like you would be able to wield three different types of weapons formed from sand that you can switch between during combat. Each of these weapons has its different uses and are designed to be constantly rotated during combat. This page will cover information on both basic and advanced tips regarding the combat system as well as different moves that can be executed in Atlas Fallen.

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Atlas Fallen Combat

Weapon Rotation in Atlas Fallen

There are three weapon types in Atlas Fallen that can be rotated throughout combat, you can only equip two of them at the same time, this was designed to let you choose the best melee weapon that fits your playstyle depending on the situation. There is the sword whip, which is a weapon specialized for quick attacks, it can also grapple onto monsters and crystallize enemies to lock them in place. The sword whip can also transform into a dagger.

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The second weapon is a massive hammer which is specialized for crowd control, it is slow and heavy but deals high damage and perfect for AoE attacks. The shattering strike is also used for this weapon to deal massive damage to crystallized enemies.

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The last weapon is a giant fist, this is a quick-hitting weapon that deals decent enough damage to enemies, but isn't really effective when facing a group of enemies, as it is designed specifically for one-on-one encounters, the weapon is ideally used when facing a boss.

Your Power Revolves around the Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is the main power source and acts as the catalyst of your offensive capabilities as well in exploring the world of Atlas. The Gauntlet allows you to manipulate the sand around you, giving you the ability to form dense weapons made of sand to strike down enemies, as well as form bridges to move across different areas of the game. By destroying statues and collecting shards around the world, you strengthen your Gauntlet giving you the chance to upgrade your weapons. As you progress through the game, you will discover new abilities to help you in your future encounters.

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How the Momentum Bar Works in Atlas Fallen

The momentum bar is a unique feature in Atlas Fallen and it is also the main stat in the game. The momentum bar fills up with each successive attack, once the bar has reached a certain section, more moves will be unlocked. The momentum bar works as a passive feature in combat to give you creative ways in dealing damage and be rewarded for playing aggressively and react to certain changes while engaging an opponent. You will also become vulnerable the higher the momentum bar fills up, this will force you to strategize and balance to maximize the damage dealt to enemies while minimizing damage taken.

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