Game Mechanics in Atlas Fallen is a compilation of useful mechanics and features how the game is played. Atlas Fallen is an action RPG that is heavily interactive with its environment. The sand is the main element in the game, the world of Atlas is engulfed in sand, it is also portrayed to be used to form your weapons, you also have the power to manipulate sand to traverse and explore the world of Atlas. This page covers information and useful guides on each subject of the game's different mechanics.

Atlas Fallen Helpful Links

  • Combat: Understanding how the combat and switching between weapons work, maximizing damage dealt to the enemy while keeping an eye on your momentum bar to unlock certain moves for optimal combos.
  • Status Effects: Understanding the different status effects displayed on screen.
  • Crafting and Upgrades: The use of crafting and upgrades to make weapons and armor more effective.
  • Online & Multiplayer: Includes information about multiplayer matchmaking.


Atlas Fallen Game Mechanics

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