Game Mechanics in Atlas Fallen is a compilation of useful mechanics and features how the game is played. Atlas Fallen is an action RPG that is heavily interactive with its environment. The sand is the main element in the game, the world of Atlas is engulfed in sand, it is also portrayed to be used to form your weapons, you also have the power to manipulate sand to traverse and explore the world of Atlas. This page covers information and useful guides on each subject of the game's different mechanics.

Atlas Fallen Helpful Links

  • Combat: Understanding how the combat and switching between weapons work, maximizing damage dealt to the enemy while keeping an eye on your momentum bar to unlock certain moves for optimal combos.
  • Status Effects: Understanding the different status effects displayed on screen.
  • Crafting and Upgrades: The use of crafting and upgrades to make weapons and armor more effective.
  • Online & Multiplayer: Includes information about multiplayer matchmaking.
  • Stats: Player Character statistics and some general information provided in this page.


Atlas Fallen Game Mechanics

Combat Mechanics in Atlas Fallen

In summary and mentioned in the Combat guide. Atlas Fallen's combat revolves around the use of Momentum and Essence Stones. Momentum other than health is the primary stat of its combat in which requires a build up and allow usage of the Essence Stones that provides special moves and abilities for combat within the game. 

Atlas Fallen has a limited amount of  weapons but it relies more on Essence Stones abilities as a form of customizing builds and playstyles with Combat. 


Enemy Mechanics in Atlas Fallen

Offscreen Indicators

When foes are out of sight, their presence is indicated with a white marker. This marker burns red when the foe starts an attack. When the red marker flashes, this becomes the ideal moment to use the Sandskin Parry.

offscreen indicator atlas fallen wiki guide

Foe's Level

 The number is an indicator of the Foe's Level when you encounter them. If the Foe's level is above the current player level then the number becomes red. This a good indicator to decide if the more prudent option is to flee a combat encounter or fight it out.

foes level atlas fallen wiki guide


Enraged is a status effect in which big creatures that you are fighting becomes more dangerous when you destroy one of their body part. The do become more vulnerable to attacks and you do gain more possible loot when killing an enemy with broken parts but they become more dangerous as more body parts are destroyed 

body parts drainer atlas fallen wiki guide

Momentum Drainers

Attacks shown with a blue flash drain in your Momentum. These attacks cannot be blocked by your Sandskin. 

momentum drainer atlas fallen wiki guide


Upgrades Mechanics in Atlas Fallen


Fusion is the crafting system for Essence Stones that is primarily used for the abilities build for your player but there is a requirement of finding specific formulas in order to unlock specific Essence Stones. Formulas opens up the feature for you to create Essence Stones  by fusing specific materials. You still need to find some required materials to be able to craft them. Interesting mechanics that is related to fusion is that the map provides information for materials and you will get notifications if you have enough materials for fusion of an essence stones.

 fusion atlas fallen wiki guide


 Exploration Mechanics in Atlas Fallen


Anvils are features in the map and in the world of Atlas Fallen that can be found throughout the world. They are use primarily for equipment upgrades and fast travel capabilities. Gauntle, Armour and Momentum upgrades can be done with the Anvil.

anvil anvils atlas fallen wiki guide 600px

Vantage Points

Vantage points are tools of exploration which helps reveals details, activities and information about the map when found and activated. It would also provide tips for the avid treasure hunters of the Calardrias Desert.

vantage point atlas fallen wiki guide

Sand Echoes

 Are memories of the previous people that set foot in the same time and the same place. A form flashback but rather in your mind, it is the Sand itself telling its story.

sand echo atlas wiki guide

Nyaal's Sense

Nyaal's sense once activated using the specified button will highlight quest markers using a change of color of the Player's perspective. It allows for visual identification of said objectives easier.

nyaals sense atlas fallen wiki guide

Wildlife Secrets

Extending on the topic of the Wildlife Habitat, some animals will help the player in revealing hidden treasures. Specifically with animals that glows gold. Though it should be noted that stealth is required with these animals as spooking them will force them to change course on their way to the treasure.

wildlife secrets wildlife habitat atlas fallen wiki guide 600px


Treasure Maps

As part of the exploration mechanics, Atlas Fallen has collectible maps which would provide clues to a treasure of wealth in which the player can locate when they complete all clues

treasure map atlas fallen wiki guide

Sealing Totems

Sealing totems are activities encountered in the exploration that may provide rewards when completing the Puzzle. Sealing Totems are activated using the correct sequence.

sealing totem activities atlas fallen wiki guide 300 min

Heavenly Shrines

 Heavenly Shrines or also Known Thelos' Alta are statutes that provide Essence Dust when destroy. As part of the exploration mechanic, these statues' destruction can provide boost resources used for the upgrade and creation of Essence Stone abilities and the empowering of these items.

heavenly shrine atlas fallen wiki guide 600px

Elite Foe

 Elite Foes or bigger, stronger and scarier enemies tends to be the Fiends of the bigger kind. They provide more treasure but an extremely more dangerous enemy compared to the normal Wraith.

echur elite greater wraith atlas fallen wiki guide 250px


 Watchtowers are hostile structures that have a detrimental and hostile environmental effect in the surrounding area. Defeating the Watchtowers are required to be able to properly access to the areas and loot they are guarding.

watchtower tips activities atlas fallen wiki guide 300 min min min


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