Gauntlet in Atlas Fallen is the main equipment piece introduced into the game from the initial trailer announcement. This Gauntlet is the main part of the game's Lore and will be the main item tied to the game's Weapons, unique abilities, and skills. The Gauntlet in the game is what affects the weapon's Shape-shifting abilities as well as what allows large interaction in the environment as well such as moving and fixing bridges to secure a path, as seen in the initial cinematic trailer. Everything to know about the Gauntlet, information, upgrades and secrets will be found below. 

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Atlas Fallen Gauntlet 

What is the Gauntlet? 

The Gauntlet is the main initial equipment piece in the game that features in Atlas Fallen. This was first seen during the revealed cinematic trailer and is a vital piece to the Lore and fantasy environment. With the Gauntlet, players are able to manipulate their surroundings, especially the sand. This is what forms the shape-shifting weapons that make up our hero's kit. These weapons are formed by densly packed sand by using the Gauntlet.
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Can the Gauntlet be Upgraded? 

As you progress through the game, we are expecting unique abilities and skills to be available as they are learned or unlocked much like how abilities are earned like how they are in Metroidvania games. This will allow you to interact with more objects as you progress, and be able to raise structures to clear your paths or create a route into the next area in the campaign. Players will need to obtain different Tiers of skills in their Arsenal accessed from the Gauntlet Menu in order to upgrade their Weapons, attacks and gain unique skills. 

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