Lore in Atlas Fallen is the Story and overall background and premise of the Atlas Fallen. This introduces us to the setting, character origins, and environment that the game brings us through. The Lore of the Atlas Fallen is hinted in the name itself starting with the fallen nation of mankind due to the corrupt vanity of the gods once intended to protect them. The game begins years later in the midst of the ruin left behind by the corrupt gods. We explore ruins and sands that still tell the stories and histories of what happened. Below details the main story aspects of the game and key elements that create the world of Atlas Fallen. 


Atlas Fallen Story & Lore

The sand has memories.. memories of our pas twhen Gods walked this world. And our hero stood amongst them. But the gods' vanity grew. Then, in their struggle, we were cast away. Only remnants of these stories remain.. in the sand.. in the ruins of this shattered, broken world. 

Even in ruins, we endure. We won't let go. For now, we can stand for ourselves.. and face.. gods.


Everything we Know so Far in Atlas Fallen



Atlas Fallen Lore Overview 

Rise from the Dust. Unleash the Storm.

Atlas Fallen is set in the shattered dystopian ruins. Like the title suggests, the world has fallen, leaving barren lands of sand and ruin behind. Mankind was left to fend for themselves, but there are plenty of beasts, mysteries and secrets laying beneath the sand. This was fault of the gods who let their vanity corrupt them and turned them against each other. The conflict of the gods was long ago, but all their story and their history can still be found in the ruins and in the sand. This resulted in the Sun God claiming his rule over the lands, sending his guardians through the world. With his rule in place, man is forced to offer up Essence Materials to him that can be found around the world. 


The Gauntlet

With the Gauntlet, mankind is given a chance as restoration and freedom. It holds the power to manipulate the sand and move the dunes. You as the protagonist must master the Gauntlet and harness the power to face the guardians of the gods and eventually the Sun God himself. 


The Sands

Sand is the main element of Atlas Fallen, featured throughout its first released cinematic trailer. The sand has memories.. memories of our past when Gods walked this world. The ruins and remnenats of the world are surrounded in the sand, but the sand is what may help with your liberation. Reveal all the mysteries, secrets and histories the sand has to offer. With the Gauntlet, from the sand also comes your weapons and skills to navigate your way through the terrain. 

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