Maps in Atlas Fallen are a collection of the maps discovered for each region and location. These maps can be used to help navigate each area and understand the layout and terrain of the Regions that can be explored throughout the game. View each location to help with progress. For an indepth guide of each location or region, view the Locations page to identify each points of interest, important Items, NPCs and encounters that can be found in each location. View each page to see their locations on the map. 


Atlas Fallen Maps

anvil anvils atlas fallen wiki guide 600px

Checkpoints of Atlas Fallen where players can make upgrades, sort out their equipment and fast travel

vantage point atlas fallen wiki guide
Vantage Points

Keep an eye out for the glowing obelisk to spot Vantage Points, which will reveal open world activities and treasure locations.

sand echo atlas wiki guide
Sand Echoes

Sand Echoes can be triggered by approaching the floating sand. This will have your character sit on the ground and listen to the echoes of the past.


sealing totem activities atlas fallen wiki guide 300 min
Sealing Totems

Sealing Totems are activated by raising each one in the correct sequence to connect light beams within a time limit.

wildlife secrets wildlife habitat atlas fallen wiki guide 600px
Wildlife Habitat

Different Wildlife Habitants offer different plants and wildlife leading players to buried treasure

watchtower tips activities atlas fallen wiki guide 300 min min min

When you defeat the Watchtower encounter, the Haze surrounding it will disappear, allowing animals and characters to return to the area.


heavenly shrine atlas fallen wiki guide 600px
Heavenly Shrines

Destroying a Heavenly Shrine will grant players a generous amount of Essence Dust.

Treasure Maps

Collect Treasure Map Fragments to complete and decipher the Treasure Map and reveal a Location to valuable Items.

Lore Items

Collectible, journals, notes, reports and audio logs that provide lore excerpts on the related location or character




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