Merchants in Atlas Fallen are the chracters or NPCs that are encountered throughout the different Locations that can exchange items for goods. Speaking or interacting with them may help you gain Items in exchange for other goods and are stationed as specific locations or regions in the game. Vendors in the game will also purchase items for you in exchange for Tributes.  Information on each of the available merchants and their Locations, services, wares, and related quests can be found below.

Atlas Fallen Vendor Stock

Vendors will each carry a unique stock of different items, but will typically sell items for a default price except for the Travelling Vendor. The traveling Merchant will favor a specific collection of Artefacts that he is willing to pay an increased amount of Tributes for. Most Merchant will typically carry an assorted amount of Items organized into Equipment, Exploration, and Cosmetic Items. Players will also be able to sell these items to earn extra tributes for spending. You can see the specific Item categories below: 

Where to find Vendors in Atlas Fallen

Regular Vendors in Atlas Fallen are usually stationed around camps and settlements. The Travelling Vendor can also usually be situated around camps and settlements but may move around and will not always be found in the same position. The Travelling Vendor will usually fly a kite high up in the area to indicate he is in the area. 

  • Note: Locating the Travelling Vendor in 6 different Locations will earn you a bronze Achievementbig bazaar atlas fallen trophy wiki guide Big Bazaar


Atlas Fallen Merchant Guide

The Travelling Vendor is a special type of merchant that can be encountered in multiple Locations and Regions. He is first introduced to players at your first Location, Tithe Caravan in Caladrias. After your first encounter with him here, you will have to travel to different Locations to see him again. Because he is constantly traveling, he does not have a standardized spot and tends to move around a lot. His wares may also shift with every encounter. Players can look out for his kite in the sky to see if he is in the area.

The Traveling Vendor also has a special preference for certain Artefacts. He favors specific collections when you interact with him and might be willing to offer an increased amount of tributes for certain Artefacts, so it is recommended that you save your extra Artefacts for your Travelling Vendor encounters. 




priest estate vendor npc atlas fallen wiki guide7
Priest Estate Vendor

Monsalar: Priest's Estate

hunter vendor npc atlas fallen wiki guide8
Hunter Vendor

Monsalar: Hunter's Camp






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