Online and Multiplayer features in Atlas Fallen include all available information and features when accessing Multiplayer, Coop and Online mode on Atlas Fallen. This page offers how to gain access to different multiplayer modes if availabe, how players can interact with each other in cooperative play and how the campaign is adjusted when playing in a party. This includes information on how loot is distributed and how objectives are made in cooperated play.


Atlas Fallen Online & Multiplayer

What We Know So Far on Atlas Fallen



Atlas Fallen Cooperative Play

Not much has been revealed since the Atlas Fallen during Gamescom 2022, however Cooperative play is one of the main features that was seen during the initial cinematic trailer preview. Atlas Fallen is expected to be fully cooperative play compatible without the need to unlock the feature or reach any summoning areas. This includes the main campaign and quests. More information on party sizes, what kind of cooperative and multiplayer features there will be and other online modes will be added once it is revealed closer to the game's release date. 

Atlas Fallen Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer modes and features are expected to be revealed upon the upcoming releases of gameplay trailers closer to the release date. As of now, we can confirm that multiplayer features will be a part of the main campaign. 
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