Stats in Atlas Fallen refer to various properties that govern your character's overall strengths and weaknesses, and how certain elements of the game affect them in and out of combat. Stats will greatly contribute to your character's growth and effectiveness in certain situations, it can give certain buffs to specific armors and weapons, or even grant an ability to debuff an enemy while a certain stat is in place. Atlas Fallen has an array of traditional video game stats but also unique game mechanics with its statistics. Those ideas would be covered in this page.


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Atlas Fallen Stats

Momentum Stat Atlas Fallen

Momentum as describe by the developers as the central mechanic of Atlast Fallen

You generate Momentum by hitting and defeating foes. Momentum increases the damage you deal, but also the damage you receive. Momentum is temporary. If you don't hit your foes, your Momentum will fade after a short while.  This mechanic and the Ascending mechanic complement the principle of fluidity in the gameplay of Atlas Fallen. Momentum is also needed to activate Stone abilities thus weaving the mechanics of using the higher abilities of this game  from flurry of successful attacks and Sandskin Parries

momentum stat atlas fallen wiki guide

Ascending Atlas Fallen

 When you generate enough Momentum, your weapons grow in size and power, and your moveset transforms. This is known as Ascending. This mechanic provides ample incentive in performing and connecting a flurry of combos that would theoretically provide ample damage towards enemies encountered.

ascending stat atlas fallen wiki guide


The Idol Atlas Fallen

You can heal yourself by using one of the Idols with the specified key-binded buttons. This consumes one of its charges. Weapon hits restore the Idol's energy. When enough energy is restored, the idol regains one of its charges. Replacing the traditional role of health consumables in most games. This encourages the players on an aggressive form of playstyle even in the face of dwindling health bar as a form of healing options from causing damage. 

the idol stat atlas fallen wiki guide

Sandskin Atlas Fallen

Using the specified button, activate Sandskin and parry incoming attacks. A red flash appears before attacks, indicating the ideal timing to use Sandskin. A successful parry resets the cooldown of the Sandskin, making it immediately usable again. Can be used even if you are in the middle of performing an attack. However, you can't use the Sandskin when evading. Using Sandskin to parry larger foes doesn't instantly crystallise them. Instead, they are crystallised partially and need to be parried multiple times.

sandskin stat atlas fallen wiki guide


Your main Weapons in the game are also measured by four main stats to help you design which weapon you wish you assign as your Main Weapon and Secondary Weapon. 

  • Attack Speed
  • Impact
  • Momentum Gain
  • Range


Equipment Stats in Atlas Fallen 

Armour Stats in Atlas Fallen

Aside from your main character level, players will be able to measure their stats which will change according to your equipment. Create Builds based on your playstyle and stat priorities. additional Stat Bonuses can be earned with the collection of the required Essence Stones. By upgrading armour, not only will the stats below increase but also its power level and the ability to unlock perks.

  • Recovery - Increases the restoration rate and the healing effectiveness of your idol.
  • Offense - Increases the damage you deal with all types of attacks and Essence Stones.
  • Defense - Reduce the damage you receive
  • Fortune - Increase the chance of Essence Stone effect and receiving loot drops
  • Shatter - Provide a further damage increase to your Shatter Attacks

Weapons Stats in Atlas Fallen

Your main Weapons in the game are also measured by four main stats to help you design which weapon you wish you assign as your Main Weapon and Secondary Weapon. 

  • Attack Speed
  • Impact
  • Momentum Gain
  • Range


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