Weapons in Atlas Fallen are pieces of offensive equipment that are used by the player's character to inflict damage to Enemies and Bosses. Atlas Fallen features three weapons, the Dunecleaver, Sandwhip and Knuckledust. Each of these weapons have their own set of moves and combos, and you can also only equip two of these weapons at a time, this was designed to let you choose the best melee weapon that fits your playstyle depending on the situation.

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Atlas Fallen Weapon Types

Your main equipment piece in Atlas Fallen will rely on the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet will have the ability to shift into the available weapon pieces in the game which will consist of 3 diverse weapon types, a Whip, Cleaver, and Fist type weapons known as the Dunecleaver, Sandwhip, and Knuckledust in the game. However, these weapons will not be readily available at the start of the game and players will need to collect Shards and Catalyzer Pieces to reforge the Gauntlet in order to gain access to the different weapon equipment. 

Weapon Mechanics in Atlas Fallen 

Players can equip up to two of the three weapons at a time and since there are three main weapon types in Atlas Fallen, its dynamic depends heavily on the available upgrades that will strengthen or grant additional abilities to each weapon type. During combat, players can also gain omentum in order to increase each weapon's power and effects. 


Atlas Fallen Weapons

What is the Gauntlet? 

The Gauntlet is the main initial equipment piece in the game that features in Atlas Fallen. This was first seen during the revealed cinematic trailer and is a vital piece to the Lore and fantasy environment. With the Gauntlet, players are able to manipulate their surroundings, especially the sand. This is what forms the shape-shifting weapons that make up our hero's kit. These weapons are formed by densely packed sand by using the Gauntlet.
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Can the Gauntlet be Upgraded? 

As you progress through the game, we are expecting unique abilities and skills to be available as they are learned or unlocked much like how abilities are earned like how they are in Metroidvania games. This will allow you to interact with more objects as you progress, and be able to raise structures to clear your paths or create a route into the next area in the campaign. 

Atlas Fallen Sandwhip

The Sandwhip is a weapon specialized for quick attacks that works decently in both and close and mid-range combat. It works as a dagger when the whip is not extended. This weapon is good for building up the momentum bar, you can also use this weapon for crowd control and grapple onto enemies as well as crystallize them to stop them in their place. Once the enemies are crystallized, you can switch to the Hammer to shatter the crystallized enemies.

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Atlas Fallen Dunecleaver

The Dunecleaver is a heavy weapon capable of dealing massive damage, as well as shattering crystallized enemies when performing a shattering attack. It is a heavy equipment piece that deals AoE attacks to clear a number of enemies as long as they are within range. Because of its weight, it is a bit on the slow side but the weapon has a high damage output perfect for AoE attacks and crowd control. This weapon works in tandem with the Whip, as you use the sword whip to build up the momentum bar and crystallize enemies, you can switch to this weapon to deal the shattering blow and deal massive damage to crystallized enemies.

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Atlas Fallen Knuckledust

The Knuckledust is a quick-hitting weapon that deals decent enough damage to enemies. This weapon isn't really effective when facing a group of enemies as it is designed specifically for one-on-one encounters, ideally used when facing special types or stronger enemies or when fighting a boss


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