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Atlas Fallen Wiki Guide: Walkthrough, Everything We Know So Far, Regions, Momentum System, Weapons & Gauntlet Upgrades, Gear, Equipment, Quests, Enemy & Boss Guide, and more for Atlas Fallen! Deck13 Games and Focus Entertainment's new action semi-open world game set in a sand-filled world!






Atlas Wiki Guide: Facing the Sun God

The Atlas Fallen Wiki Guide features everything we know so far since its announcement during Gamescom 2022. This includes everything about the available Weapons, Gauntlet Upgrades, Abilities, Skills, Enemies, Regions, and mechanics of the new semi-open world. This game was developed by Deck 13 and published by Focus Entertainment and was set to release May 16th, 2023 but was since announced to be delayed to August 10th, 2023 to to allow the developers some extra time.  Compared to previous Deck 13 titles, this game takes a less linear approach, making it a semi-open world to explore each region. We can expect there to be five different regions spread across the map where you can access a few different biomes at a time. A common environment feature you can expect to see is a lot of sand since a lot of the game mechanics, weapons, and abilities revolve around sand, the shifting of sand, and quickly traversing the plains by sand gliding. According to developers, the game combines some essences of God of War and Horizon and features less of the borrowed mechanics from Souls games. However, the developers have also highlighted the different difficulties that will become available should players want a more challenging experience in combat. 


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When is the Release Date for Atlas Fallen?

As of March 2023, Deck13, the developers of Atlas Fallen, has announced an official release date but has made an announcement following the original release date delaying its release to August 10th, 2023. It was originally set to release May 16 for PC Xbox Series and PS5, but players will have to wait a few extra months.  Atlas Fallen is expected to release on August 10th, 2023 for both PC and consoles. On PC, it will be available for purchase on Steam for $59.99 and is now available for pre-purchase. Pre-purchase offers are available that come with The Ruin Rising Pack with new armor and gauntlet skins. 

What Platforms will Atlas Fallen be on?

Atlas Fallen will be available on mostly next-gen platforms, but will also be available on the PC through Steam. You can find this game on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox X. This is believed to be a decision made to maintain graphic quality so it is currently unknown if the developers will decide to expand the release to older consoles closer to the release date. 

Atlas Fallen Release Information

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Initial Release Date August 10th, 2023
Platforms PS5, Xbox X/S, PC
Developer Deck13
Publisher Focus Entertainment
Genre Action, Adventure, RPG

Atlas Fallen System Requirements

Recommended Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Additional Notes: To be announced soon.

Minimum Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Additional Notes: To be announced soon.


Atlas Fallen Review

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Atlas Fallen Gameplay Impressions

Hands-On Impressions - Action Role Playing Game




Atlas Fallen Updates and Announcements

When was Atlas Fallen Announced?

Atlas Fallen, a new semi-open world, was officially announced with a trailer during the 2023 Gamescom. They presented a cinematic trailer to introduce the universe and the premise of the game. It also featured cinematic scenes of the character's main mechanics and abilities that interact with the sand environment. When describing the game, the developers mentioned its sand-powered abilities and shape-shifting weapons. These weapons are also formed from the sand. Towards the end of the trailer, players can catch short glimpses of gameplay including some scenes of combat, cooperative gameplay, and sand gliding. 

Early March 2023, developers have announced the official release date and it was set to be released on May 16th, 2023, but since then has been pushed back to August 10th, 2023.  Along with the first release date announcement, the developers have also teased the gameplay trailer on their Twitter which soon followed the announcement about a week later. The Rise from Dust gameplay trailer features footage of various combat encounters and showcases the different forms of equipment that accompany the power of the gauntlet. The trailer also features footage of sand gliding and the sand manipulation powers of the Gauntlet. The end of the trailer teases the main antagonist of the game, the Sun God, who is seen at the last frame of the clip.

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Rise from Dust Trailer

"You should have kept in line. I have fought your kind before and it only led to ruin. I am the order of this world. I am its rule. You may think you have power but your struggle is futile. I will bury you like the rest of them. 

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The Rise from Dust Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer features more scenic imagery and is narrated by the voice of the main antagonist of the game, the Sun God. The trailer was released following the announcement of the game's official release date. After Sun God's short monologue accompanied by some environmental scenery, it is followed by action scenes of sand gliding in game and more combat encounters against different Bosses and beasts that roam the terrain. Players can also catch a glimpse of the magical gauntlet that is the source of your character's main abilities, which will allow not only unique combat but also unique abilities to be able to interact with the sand environment. Players may catch the fast-paced essence of games like Darksiders or God of War though Atlas Fallen has been compared to the souls like games previously, they may not share as many similarities. 

Atlas Fallen Pre Order

Pre-order Atlas Fallen and get The Ruin Rising Pack to fight and explore with new armor and gauntlet skins, unique essence stones and idol, and exclusive coop indicator.

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Atlas Fallen Play Test

Developers, Deck 13, had previously extended an invitation to register for an early play. The Playtest took place Sept 12th 2022 and ran till the end of the year. This was mainly open to local players who are available to visit their studio in Frankfurt, Germany. Players were invited to register via google form and share their availabilities. They would then will undergo a selection process and will be required to sign an NDA if selected. 

Atlas Fallen Deck 13 Announcements

On March 1, 2023, The Atlas Fallen Steam page released an announcement releasing their official release date: May 16, 2023. The announcement was made with a number of new gameplay screenshots showcasing its action and environments. At the end of March 2023, the Publisher and Developers made a new announcement stating a new release date, delaying the game's release to August 10th, 2023.  

With the initial release date announcement, the Developers, Deck 13, had also announced that they will be releasing a Spectacular Gameplay Reveal Trailer which was released in early March 2023. Their "Rise from Dust" trailer featured some additional lore aspects and new gameplay footage of how players will traverse the lands and engage in combat. As of the release date's announcement, their original trailer had garnered 2.4 million views on youtube. For exclusive news and benefits related to Atlas Fallen, players are encouraged to register their Focus Entertainment account. 

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On your own or with a friend, take on a heroic journey through a variety of breath-taking environments, swiftly gliding through the desert landscapes of a vast sand-covered world. Explore ancient ruins and unearth the mysteries and secrets of a fallen society. Fight corrupt gods and extraordinary beasts thanks to the divine power of your shape-shifting weapon. Unlock powerful skills and abilities to build a unique moveset and rise as the champion who will liberate the people of Atlas.

Atlas Fallen Delayed Release to August 2023

As of late March 2023, the Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Deck13 have announced a new delayed release date for Atlas Fallen in order to give the game some extra time and allow them to deliver the best possible version of Atlas Fallen. The original release was set for May 16, 2023, pushing back the game's release a few months back. This has been posted to their official Twitter pages. 

Atlas Fallen: Everything We Know So Far

Rise from the dust. Unleash the storm.

What is Atlas Fallen?

Atlas Fallen is an upcoming Fantasy Action semi-world game that is developed and published by Focus Entertainment Games, alongside Game Developer, Deck13. It takes place in a dystopian world of sand that has since been left to ruin due to the vanity of the gods. Evidence of a great history still remains in the sands and ruins of the world. Players must work their way through the different regions while gaining the strength, to eventually face the Watcher and eventually work their way to facing the Sun God who has claimed authority over Atlas. While exploring the world and gaining strength, increase your advantage further by destroying statues of the Sun God to weaken his influence. The main campaign is expected to be around 20 hours long, not including the other interactable aspects, areas you can explore, and side missions that you might be sent on. The different difficulty modes were made available to cater to people's different preferences or playstyles depending on whether they wish to enjoy more of the exploration aspect of the game or prefer to prioritize challenging themselves with action-packed combat encounters and boss fights. 

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The sand seen throughout the trailer plays a big role in the game, making up its weapons, power, and ability to quickly travel around the plains. The trailer itself states that the sand holds memories of the past when the Gods once walked their world. We can expect sandy areas to be prevalent in most of the regions, though since there are five major regions, other biomes may be seen as content is released closer to the release date. Some opponents featured in the trailer were also seen emerging from the sand. From this, you can deduct that the main mysteries, secrets, and dangers the developers speak of will also be found within the dunes of sand. Master the sands to gain control of your environment and discover its secrets. Your main antagonists of the game are the gods who have forsaken you and left your lands to ruin, which resulted in the now shattered dystopian setting of Atlas Falling. You are left to fend yourselves against great enemies and the gods themselves. If this game is anything like previous Deck 13 titles, we can expect to have some regular game quests in order to earn loot, although it is implied that this won't be a loot-based game. Like previous titles, this game is expected to be action-packed, and not dialogue-heavy. 

Although the game advertises a semi-open world, we can expect this game to hold some of the same essences of the previous Deck 13 games, where it upholds a linear story to follow, but they have pushed the boundaries and have created a semi-open world, giving players free rein to explore each region how they liked as they are unlocked through the main campaign. 

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Atlas Fallen Game Story Lore

The sand has memories.. memories of our past when Gods walked this world. And our hero stood amongst them. But the gods' vanity grew. Then in their struggle, we were cast away. Only remnants of these stories remain.. in the sand.. in the ruins of this shattered, broken world. 

Even in ruins, we endure. We won't let go. For now, we can stand for ourselves.. and face.. gods.

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Atlas Fallen Game Features

Take your character and traverse the shattered world of Atlas Fallen that was left behind by the vanity of the gods meant to protect them. Use the surrounding sands and master how to manipulate your environment for combat and traveling. This game is an Action RPG that is heavily interactive with its environment. After the fall of man due to the failure of the gods, mankind is in need of liberation. Since coming across the Gauntlet, your character has a unique set of skills that give them a chance against the powerful Sun God. 

The idea of sand being the main element has been ingrained in the trailer, just as it holds history and memories, it will be featured in most of your abilities and skills. You can expect to encounter all of its mysteries, secrets, and dangers that may be lurking beneath the sand as well. 

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  • Fast Paced Combat: Embodying the Action in the Action RPG genre. The movement seen in Atlas Fallen so far appears to be faster-paced and quick compared to combat in previous games by Deck 13. Enemies in the trailer were shown to make quick advancements and can apply high-speed abilities to challenge players to remain alert throughout any combat encounter. 
  • Full co-op capabilities: A great feature in Atlas Fallen is that it offers a full online cooperative experience. The trailer features a pair of characters against the terrain and beasts. It is implied that this game can be fully played in multiplayer parties from the beginning to end without the need to reach a point to unlock the feature or encounter any summoning areas. 
  • Gauntlet Upgrades: This gauntlet will be your main featured equipment piece that holds all of your abilities and power as well as your main weapons.
  • Master the Sands: The sands are an integral part of the story. This is the element you will see most in the world and will interact with as you venture through the regions. Part of the game is the ability to gain the skills to manipulate your environment in order
  • Create your Weapons: With the power of the gauntlet and all the sand to manipulate, you will have the option to create and upgrade three main weapons made of densely packed sand.  


The Story & Setting for Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen is set in the dystopian ruins of Atlas. Like the title suggests, the world has fallen, bringing it to the dilapidated state it is. Your goal is to garner the strength and power to face the gods that allowed the world to shatter and fall to ruins. The ruins and surrounding sand still hold the memory of what happened and guardians of the Gods are still teeming through the sands. The vanity of the gods caused Atlas to fall to its current state due to their conflict over power, and now it remains under the control of the Sun God. The sun god now forces mankind to mine and forage Essence materials to offer them up to him as their ruler. It wasn't until a gauntlet was found that can be equipped and upgraded with these essence stones that mankind was given a chance of liberation and restoration. With the gauntlet, you can now eventually take on the Sun God. Within the world, remnants of statues and relics dedicated to the Gods can still be found throughout the world, destroying them will also weaken their influence in the world and give our protagonists a chance at facing them and their guardians. 

Enter the world covered in sand, and with the Gauntlet, learn to manipulate the environment to your advantage. Make do with the world's main element and craft your artillery from the dust. The sand is there to hold the history of the conflict and turmoil, to serve as a reminder and motivation to continue to trek and surf through the vast dunes of sand in order to make your way and gain enough strength and power to face the Gods, gain freedom and eventually restore Atlas. 


Combat and Gameplay Mechanics in Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen Gauntlet

Your Gauntlet in Atlas Fallen will be your main source of power and offensive equipment that will allow you to manipulate the sand around you, giving you the ability to eventually move or form bridges and create weapons from the sand. This feature can be compared to upgrades and progress mechanics seen in Metroidvania games where abilities are earned with progress.

Your weapons will be made out of densely packed sand. As you gain strength for yourself and weaken the gods influence by destroying their statues, collect the shards around the world to strengthen your Gauntlet and upgrade your weapons. This will also unlock the gauntlet's ability to turn into your main weapons such as the Dunecleaver, the Sandwhip, and the Knuckledust. It is said that you may discover or encounter over 150 different essence stones. As you reach different obstacles, you will learn your abilities with your gauntlet that will allow you to pass or break them. Face and hunt legendary creatures along the way and gain the confidence to eventually face the Gods. The creatures you encounter are the guardians of the Gods that appear as large beasts across the land. 

With your Gauntlet, you can form three types of melee weapons. These are shape-shifting weapons that appear as a Dunecleaver, the Sandwhip, and the Knuckledust. Only two can be equipped at a time. This was designed so that you may choose the melee weapon that best fits the current enemy encounter. The game encourages players to explore different weapon combinations for different types of battles.  Each weapon type will vary in attack speeds and damage. This also factors into one of the main dynamic combats stats in the game to keep track of, your Momentum. Momentum greatly affects combat by adding on to the existing attack features as the bar fills up, while also affecting the vulnerability of the player and will affect the dynamic based on your weapon choices. 

Atlas Fallen Weapons

  • Hammer: Use your heavy hammer to deal great damage and deal shattering AoE attacks when facing a horde of enemies if you can afford the slower animation speed of this heavy weapon.
  • Sword: Switch to your sword for a swifter combat sequence and use a combination of these weapons to build up your momentum in order to perform combo attacks. Stack your attacks with the sword to build up your momentum in order to max it and unlock more attacks.
  • Fist: Packs a powerful punch to enemies within range that can deal great damage to even the largest foes. 

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What is Momentum in Atlas Fallen?

The momentum bar is the main stat and a unique feature of Atlas Fallen. Momentum builds with every successful attack dealt. Max out your bar for the ability to unlock attacks when more momentum is gained during combat. This is a passive feature that works to modify how you react in combat, giving you more attack options. However, the higher the momentum bar fills up the more susceptible your character becomes to incoming damage and attacks. This forces players to strategize and weigh out the opportune moments to deal your unlocked attacks, or when to save up momentum. This also adds vulnerability as a feature and requires a balance of vulnerability and strength in order to maximize the damage dealt while minimizing the damage taken during a higher momentum state. This also allows players to consider when to assume a defensive stance and position as the momentum bar increases, making combat more dynamic. 

Combat features in Atlas Fallen

So far there have been no signs of health or measurement of vitality. Instead, players will need to target each area of an opponent in order to slowly chip away at its health stats shown as percentages. Some of these guardians are already featured in the first cinematic trailer, you can see a number of these beasts emerge from the sand and a Giant Crab featured mid-combat. From the trailer alone, you are able to catch a glimpse of these enemies' quick abilities. It is able to spin around the character deeming it also impossible to land a hit during a move like this. Enemies in this world are also very quickly able to close distances during combat so players must always be ready with their weapons, or ready to dodge away from quick advances. 

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Since the release of the Rise from Dust gameplay trailer, more beasts and guardian encounters have been revealed along with a few additional combat movesets and the sheer size, speed, and power of these attacks. The gameplay trailer was a total of about 1 and a half minutes long, with the combat clips compiled towards the end of it making up less than half of the trailer. From the quick cuts of action in the trailer, players can catch a glimpse of how fast-paced and large-scale the combat encounters are and how action-packed combat is expected to be in Atlas Fallen. The trailer also features the use of different kinds of equipment that the main gauntlet can be transformed into when engaging in combat against large beasts. Players can expect to play with a combination of melee and ranged moves to face the different types of sand beasts that can emerge from the ground or fly.  

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