New Game Plus for Atlas Fallen contains guides and information on the rewards or content that is carried over after completing one whole playthrough of the main campaign. Once the game is released, players can find information on which equipment and content are carried over and what changes have been made to the game upon starting a new game here. Players may want to find out if their personal progress and stats can be kept when restarting a game with the same save file.

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Atlas Fallen New Game Plus Guide

Is there New Game Plus in Atlas Fallen?

new game plus message atlas fallen wiki guide 300pxAtlas Fallen technically does not feature New Game Plus upon completing the final Main Quest "The Battle of Gods". Instead, it pits players back to the Black Alms where they can complete incomplete activities such as completing Side QuestsErrands, including locating points of interest such as WatchtowersVantage PointsSealing TotemsWildlife HabitatsHeavenly ShrinesElite Wraiths, and more. You'll also have the option to replay the final battle against Thelos' Champion in Thelos' Shrine.



What Carries Over After Completing the Game?

Upon completing the "The Batlle of Gods", the following assets remain untouched:


What Can I Do After Finishing Atlas Fallen?

Upon finishing Atlas Fallen, you will return to the Black Alms region where you can complete other activities. Alternatively, Multiplayer Coop is available in the game and you can join your friends to help them with progressing their session or just to explore. On the other hand, you can also invite people to your world.

atlast fallen coop wiki guide

There are Side Quests, Errands, and other features that you will need to explore as some areas require certain abilities to be unlocked to reach them. For example, the Unearth Reveal is needed to raise totems that can reveal hidden paths or the Crush Ability to destroy chained chests and doors. So it's highly recommended that you return to the other regions to find these secrets.

Are there Changes after Finishing Atlas Fallen?

Players can freely change their difficulty by checking the game options, by selecting a higher difficulty, Wraiths become harder to defeat, and this will give a challenge to the players. Depending on your progression, Item Drops from Wraiths don't change. Essence Stones that drop from a Wraith can only be acquired once, unlike Fusion Materials which is a guaranteed drop each time a Wraith is killed.

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You can check our Wraiths page to find a complete list of Essence Stone and Fusion Materials that drop from these enemies. If you want a difficult challenge, apart from increasing the difficulty mode, you can hunt down Elite Wraiths that are pinned on the map with a skull icon. Elites only appear once in specific areas and they do not respawn, unlike Lesser and Greater Wraiths that randomly and commonly spawn in the world.

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