New Player Help for Atlas Fallen will cover all new guides and information needed to help kickstart a new game to provide the foundations, basic mechanics, and controls as well as highlight the important features of Atlas Fallen. This is a recommended guide on where to start off for players that are just starting out, especially those new to the Action RPG genre. Learn the best way to approach combat encounters, which locations to start in, gain the best equipment early, and other new player tips and tricks to begin the game and give players a good place to start. Once more information Atlas Fallen has been revealed, all the helpful guides and important information and pages can be found here.

Atlas Fallen Gameplay Impressions



Atlas Fallen Everything we Know


Helpful Pages

  • Controls: View all the basic controls of the game in Atlas Fallen
  • Combat: Combat is a key feature of the game and learning the basics or advanced mechanics will help with enemy encounters and boss encounters.
  • FAQ: View the most frequently answers questions in case your question may be found on the list
  • Locations: Understand the terrain and how to navigate through the world. Be able to locate all NPCs, and important points of interests
  • Online: To learn more about how to interact with other players.
  • Weapons: View all available equipment, weapons and gear including all their strengths and stats and find out where to locate them
  • Walkthrough: This guide will take you step by step through each section and location of the game.


Atlas Fallen New Player Help


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