Armour in Atlas Fallen features equipable pieces or sets that are intended to add additional bonuses to stats and add increase a player's defense. This is especially helpful to minimize damage intake from heavy-handed enemies in the game and prolong combat and prevent receiving fatal blows. Players are free to create their own Builds with the sets of Armour and Weapons available in the game to find the right balance of offensive and defensive equipment.

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Armour in Atlas Fallen

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Atlas Fallen Armour Guide

Armour Sets in Atlas Fallen

From the first gameplay impressions, Armour Sets have been found in the game and modified through the Armour Menu. Your Armour will affect and can improve the player's main stats. Each Armour set will have a different level and will have its own stats that measure Recovery, Offense, Defense, Fortune, and Shatter. Players may then have the opportunity to gain an Additional Stat Bonus and unlock a Unique Armour Trait. 

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Armour Sets vs Armour Pieces in Atlas Fallen

In regular RPG games, players are known to collect different armour pieces that make up a whole armour set and gain extra bonuses upon equipping the whole set. However in Atlas Fallen, players will not have to scavenge and collect the different armour pieces as the game gives the armour as a whole set to players. This allows players to express their aesthetics with their chosen armour set, each armour set offers players different stats and traits as well when upgraded.

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Why is Power Level Important in Atlas Fallen

Players can see the Power Level of the armour set displayed next to the name of the Armour when selected. In the beginning of the game players may notice the Power Level may be low, but as players progress through the game, more powerful armour will be acquired.

It is important for players to gradually upgrade or collect armour as the Power Level will increase with each upgrade and can possibly get higher stats or Power Levels when new armour is collected. The higher the Power Level of the armour, the higher the stats will be but more Essence Dust will be required when upgrading.

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How to Get Armour in Atlas fallen

Armour in Atlas Fallen can be quite simple to acquire, it only involves players to progress through the game or speaking to Vendors and they will be able to purchase the Armour. Some Armour can be purchased from merchants such as the Traveling Vendor or Village Vendors, some armour can be acquired through Main Quests or Side Quests. 

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Why are Perks Important for Armour in Atlas Fallen

Having Perks equipped to the players armour grants them with a passive ability, ranging from restoring your Idol's energy to increasing the amount of Essence Dust obtained when doing certain tasks. The different Perks can be used throughout the players' gameplay experience depending on the situation or depending on what the player believes they will need the most.

To obtain Perks, Perk Stones will be given to players upon upgrading their Armour. These Perk Tokens are used to unlock and upgrade Perks that can be equipped to the Armour players currently have on. Players can equip any Perk to any Armour, making it completely flexible for players choices.

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Stats Information in Atlas Fallen

Armours grant players with different types of Stats, which benefits their combat capabilities. The different Armour sets in Atlas Fallen will offer different stats as well as grant players with bonus stats if the required amount of Essence Stones equipped is met. 

These are following Stats players can see for their armour:

  • recovery stats icon atlas fallen wiki guide 60px Recovery - Increases the restoration rate and the healing effectiveness of your idol.
  • offence stats icon atlas fallen wiki guide 60px Offense - Increases the damage you deal with all types of attacks and Essence Stones.
  • defense stats icon atlas fallen wiki guide 60px Defense - Reduce the damage you receive.
  • fortune stats icon atlas fallen wiki guide 60px Fortune - Increase the chance of Essence Stone effect and receiving loot drops.
  • shatter stats icon atlas fallen wiki guide 60px Shatter - Provide a further damage increase to your Shatter Attacks.


Armour Upgrade Guide for Atlas Fallen

How to Upgrade Armour in Atlas Fallen

armour upgrade menu armours atlas fallen wiki guidePlayers will be able to upgrade their armour at any of the Anvils, and choosing the Armour Upgrades choice on the Anvil Menu. Players will be able to upgrade their armour between 2 to 3 times, enhancing its overall stats. Some armour in the game will offer between 1 to 2 bonus stats upon upgrading them, as well as extra traits that come with equipping the armour. 




What are Armour Bonuses

Some Armour in Atlas Fallen grants players with either 1 or 2 bonus stats, bonus stats can vary depending on what the requirement is to receive that bonus stat.

The main requirements for Armour Bonuses to work is that players will need to equip a certain amount and a certain type of Essence Stones.

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What are Armour Traits

Most Armour in Atlas Fallen grants players with an added trait, these traits vary from benefiting your healing, your damage, or your Essence Stones effects.

Traits are obtained as soon as players acquire the Armour, however it is locked upon receiving the Armour and can be unlocked when players have fully upgrade their Armour set.

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Armour Customization Guide for Atlas Fallen

armor customization menu atlas fallen wiki guide 300px minWith the required items, players can also further customize their Armour from the Armour Menu. Atlas Fallen allows players to use dyes on different Fabrics and Plates to modify the look of their Armour, equip additional Cosmetic Items, and Transmogrify their Armour.

Players can acquire these customization items through purchasing from vendors, regular scavenging, or as quest rewards. Armour customization is purely for appearance and will not affect gameplay or give bonuses or hidden stats.




Armour dyes in Atlas Fallen

Players are given 2 Fabric Slots, 2 Plate Slots and an Accent slot to fill with different coloured dyes that players can use to dye their armour.

There are 49 different coloured dyes players can acquire throughout the game by scavenging in different locations, rewards from different quests, and purchasing from Vendors.

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Cosmetic Items in Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen offers an extensive collection of 21 different Cosmetic Items for players to equip, these different Cosmetic Items can be acquired through purchasing from Vendors, and receiving as rewards from different Quests.

These items are purely for cosmetics of the armour and do not grant any additional stats, or affect the gameplay mechanics whatsoever.

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Transmog in Atlas Fallen

Players can choose to Transmogrify their armour in the armour customization menu. Transmogrifying allows players to keep their current armour stats while layering a different armour above, this allows players to use the stats they desire with the appearance of the armour set they desire as well.

Players can transmogrify their armour for free at any time they please, with any of the armour they have collected throughout their gameplay progression. 

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