Locations in Atlas Fallen cover each of the regions that make up the semi-open world. Unlike the linear route seen in previous Deck 13 games, this title is expected to have a wider exploration aspect to it and give players free rein to discover the secrets of each area. The main biome of Atlas Fallen appears to be a mass land of sand, but we can expect to see a shift in biome as other regions are discovered. This guide offers to point out the points of interest and important Items and interactions that can be encountered through each location. 

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How many Regions are there in Atlas Fallen? 

Players can expect 5-6 main regions set around the game to be explored freely with what seems to be a semi-open world environment. Though the main biome appears to be sand filled, we are also anticipating a one or two alternative biome areas to explore aside from the main area of ruin and sand featured in the initial cinematic trailer. 

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Traveling in Atlas Fallen

Faster traveling is an aspect of the game in a released feature known as Sand Gliding. This allows you to cover more ground and get through the large plains and dunes of sand at a much faster pace, keeping the pacing consistent throughout the game from traveling to area to area and continuous action-packed combat. Glide the sands of a timeless land, filled with ancient dangers, mysteries and fragments of the past. 

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Atlas Fallen All Locations

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