Elite Wraiths in Atlas Fallen are Variants of Regular Wraiths but with stronger attacks and better agility. These unique wraiths are a rare sight, rarely crossing your path. However, should you come across and defeat one of these exceptional enemies, you can be sure that it won't spawn again. Find out about all types of hostile Elite Wraiths and encounters, their stats, strength, weaknesses, Wraith drops, and best ways to counter them below.

There are no bosses per see in the game but instead, you fight specific Wraiths. Regardless we will note down the following Wraiths that we consider to be bosses as you are required to defeat them to progress the story: MawerTailguarderSoarerConjurer, and Thelos' Champion.


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All Elite Wraiths in Atlas Fallen





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To prevent Devorur from absorbing its weaker siblings and becoming even stronger in the process, the Mawers around it need to be targeted first. If it has already empowered itself, it is wise to keep some distance and use long-range attacks or use Sandskin repeatedly to crystallise it.


Attacks with a wide area of effect and long-range are recommended to catch Veilur off-guard. Similar to normal Cloakers, it is weak to being attacked while hiding from plain sight. Caution is advised when dealing with this Wraith due to its unpredictable movement.


Approaching Orbitur asks for mastery of aerial mobility as it will aim to keep its distance and will leave sand clones along the way. Once closed in, the sand clones need to be quickly overwhelmed and dealt with before dealing with Orbitur itself.


Carefully performing Sandskin to protect against the sting attack will leave Scrimmur vulnerable. On impact with the Sandskin, Scrimmur’s sand clones will be pulverised into dust.


The shield of Gashur that protects it from incoming attacks from the front can be broken using Sandskin or more powerful attacks with high impact. When not shielded the Gashur is most vulnerable and can be overwhelmed, but it is also able to bring back its shield.


While being shielded Novur is not paying attention to the Scatterer it is attached to. In order to destroy the shield early, the Scatterer should be the primary target. The unshielded Novur is a vulnerable and fragile target.


Right before Coylur emerges from the ground, a cloud of moving sand can be seen that reveals its exact position under the surface. A well-placed slam to the ground can pop it out of the sand in a crystallised state. Staying airborne avoids getting trapped in its Quicksand areas.


The rhythm of the Dromur's claw attacks can be used against the Wraith by using Sandskin repeatedly to quickly turn its force to crystallise it. A well-thought evasive move on its forehead slam can bring Dromur out of balance and open an additional window of opportunity.


Skorpur is able to shake off all build-ups of crystallising very fast. Repeatedly use Sandskin during a single attack combination of Skorpur to leave it vulnerable. Attacks from its tongue need to be avoided to prevent its life-leaching effect.


Mastering aerial mobility and aerial combat is key to be able to approach and stay close to Skorchur in air. A part of its ranged attacks have evolved into momentum drainers, but by using Sandskin on the right attacks it will crystalise the Wraith for an increased duration.


Echur's sand clones pulverise on impact with Sandskin, which interrupts the anticipated deployment of decoy mines. Against Echur, not all mines on the field are the same. Decoy mines are fragile and detonate immediately upon being hit.


Countering with Sandskin will not only create additional windows of opportunity on Fractur itself but will also pulverise its sand clones. When it jumps up in the air to crash down on its foe retreating to a safe distance and staying in the air while the ground impact happens is the best option.


When Fiur is approached, constant movement is the key to avoiding its energy beams. And approaching fast while a tracking beam is active will even open opportunities to attack its vicious tail. Staying airborne avoids getting trapped in its Quicksand areas.

Thelos' Champion

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The broad arsenal of Thelos' Champion requires always being wary of the surroundings. The lesser Wraith needs to be watched out for at any time. A well-timed use of Sandskin can help against incoming projectiles during its special attack in which the ground itself becomes a hazard.


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All Elite Wraiths in Caladrias: The Forbidden Lands

 caladias elite wraiths atlas fallen wiki guide

 There are 3 Elite Wraiths in Caladrias: The Forbidden Lands. Click on the image to enlarge


All Elite Wraiths in Bastengar's Underground

 bastengars underground elite wraiths atlas fallen wiki guide min

 There is 1 Elite Wraith in Bastengar's Underground. Click on the image to enlarge


All Elite Wraiths in Monsalar: The Wildlands

 wildlands elite wraiths atlas fallen wiki guide

 There are 6 Elite Wraiths in Monsalar: The Wildlands. Click on the image to enlarge


All Elite Wraiths in The Black Alms

 black alms elite wraiths atlas fallen wiki guide


 There are 3 Elite Wraiths in The Black Alms. Click on the image to enlarge


Elite Wraiths Guide in Atlas Fallen

Elite Wraith Weak Points in Atlas Fallen

You'll encounter formidable and sizable Wraiths, each with multiple body parts for you to target and dismantle. Important information about their body parts, including their health and condition, is conveniently displayed below. This useful overview provides a diagram of the foe, highlighting their weak points, and offering insights into their vulnerabilities throughout the encounter. Keeping an eye on this visual aid will prove crucial in devising effective strategies and maximizing your chances of success against these imposing adversaries. So, prepare for thrilling battles, analyze your foe's weak points, and triumph by strategically targeting and dismantling their various body parts during your encounters.

enemy hp atlas fallen wiki guide 300px min


Elite Wraith's Level in Atlas Fallen

You may encounter foes whose level surpasses your current Power level. When this happens, the number indicating their level will be displayed in red, serving as a clear warning that the upcoming battle will be more challenging. This visual cue is a valuable indicator for players, signaling that facing a higher-level foe may require careful preparation, enhanced tactics, and the use of all available skills and resources. So, keep an eye out for the red level indicator.

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What do Elite Wraiths Drop in Atlas Fallen?

Unlike Regular Wraiths, Elite Wraiths will only drop Essence Stones and will not drop materials. The Essence stones that Elite Wraiths drop are stronger than what the Regular Wraiths Drop.

essence blows atlas fallen trophy wiki guide 

Can you avoid fighting Elite Wraiths?

In the midst of combat in the open world of Atlas Fallen, you have the option to decide whether to engage with the Wraiths you encounter or simply ignore them and continue your journey. However, certain situations, like quests or challenges, may demand that you face these foes head-on. In some quests, you might find yourself trapped with no alternative but to defeat the spawned Wraiths to progress. Additionally, "The Watcher's Fury" is a formidable gauntlet, where you're teleported and faced with multiple Wraiths that you must survive and conquer to successfully complete the challenge.


Elite Wraith Body Parts in Atlas Fallen

Most body parts you encounter have shiny metallic pieces on them, known as Catalyst pieces. These are marked in red, and destroying them all defeats your Foe. In the heat of battle, breaking enemy parts or targeting their weak points can yield two contrasting effects for Wraiths. On one hand, it renders them vulnerable, opening up opportunities for additional damage and potential advantage for the player. However, on the other hand, this act also triggers an Enraged state in the Wraiths, causing them to become more powerful and aggressive in their attacks and behavior.

body part atlas fallen

This strategic element adds a layer of complexity to combat encounters, as players must carefully weigh the risks and rewards of targeting specific enemy points. Mastering the art of identifying weak points and timing attacks becomes essential in navigating through the challenges that the Wraiths present in the game. It is also important to take note that only Greater and Colossal Wraiths are the only ones with breakable body parts.

What are Elite Wraiths in Atlas Fallen?

In the enchanting world of Atlas Fallen, Regular Wraiths are the most frequent foes you'll come across. These common enemies can appear in various locations throughout the game's vast world, making them a regular challenge for players to face. On the other hand, Elite Wraiths present a much greater threat, being significantly stronger opponents. Encountering Elite Wraiths is a rare occurrence, and they only appear once during your journey. Once defeated, they will not respawn, making each encounter with an Elite Wraith a unique and momentous event.

Are there Bosses in Atlas Fallen?

The primary enemies you fight in Atlas Fallen are Wraiths, monsters formed by sand and created by Thelos. These Wraiths are divided into different types: Lesser, Greater, and Colossal. Lesser Wraiths are small monsters that are usually seen in a pack while Greater and Colossal Wraiths are huge beasts that pose more threat and require you to destroy its body parts to make them vulnerable. Unlike traditional games, you can't really tell if you are fighting a "boss" in Atlas Fallen since you can encounter a Colossal or Greater Wraith almost anywhere in the world.

However, there are some specific Wraiths that we consider to be "Bosses" because they appear specifically in parts of Main Quests and they require you to defeat them to progress. Here are the following Wraiths that are considered Bosses: MawerTailguarderSoarerConjurer, and Thelos' Champion. You can visit their pages to learn more about their behaviors, combat tactics, and rewards.

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